About Us…

If you haven’t noticed, the world is getting weird.

Reality is being poked at, prodded, dissolved, eaten by our current wave of emerging technologies. Long-held digital dreams, such as Virtual Reality and Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence, are becoming everyday  tools. They are mating, mutating, re-combining with every application – ever – from enhancing reality and home automation to telling time and farming.

The results are… surprising, usually. Stupid, sometimes. Fascinating, wonderful. Useful. Life-changing. World-changing.


Making Realities is here to offer a place of intelligent discussion, a spotlight for new ideas, and a soapbox for the new issues that will organically emerge from this maelström of creative activity. We are engineers and futurists, working with enterprises and brands to envision pieces of this future, map them to what we can build today, and then invent those futures. We are starting this blog to capture and share and discuss our visions, and the new realities we are all making, together.

Are you working in these fields? Have you got an idea that will set minds on fire, a vision that needs to be shared? You should contribute to Making Realities! Drop me an email at editors@makingrealities.com.

Ricky Bacon and Vineel Shah, Co-Editors, Making Reality

 Ricky Bacon is a technical leader, futurist and writer. He’s spent the last 20 years developing innovative solutions for clients big and small. His work has garnered 80 industry awards, including an Emmy for the groundbreaking interactive documentary The {} And. Ricky is currently helping Fortune 500 clients understand how the convergence of our digital and physical worlds will impact their businesses as the Group Technology Director for Critical Mass NYC.

headVineel Shah is a software engineer, writer, and speaker with three decades of experience imagining, experimenting, building, and living a tech life. He has worked for startups like Red Rover Labs and Salido, and Fortune 500 companies like Yahoo and MTV/Viacom. A long time ago, he wrote Lingo and Shockwave Sourcebook, about an early interactive media authoring system called Director. He hails from the early days of New York University’s Media Research Lab under Professor Ken Perlin. He is currently transforming the way the world’s top professionals share expertise and learn at GLG.